Process/Project MEF - Emergency Fix Process

Stage MIA - Emergency Fix Immediate Action
Stage MIM - Emergency Fix Impact Assessment
Stage MPA - Emergency Fix Problem Assessment and Follow-up
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Once an automated system is built, it must be properly maintained to ensure that short-term malfunctions are attended to in a manner that will prevent them from seriously plaguing the system, and that system productivity keeps pace to a reasonable degree with changes in business practices. It is important that procedures and guidelines for system maintenance be put in place and followed to avoid the chaos and expense of a system that functions inadequately or no longer serves the business needs for which it was built. The Emergency Fix Process provides the guidelines for the short-term aspect of system maintenance: how to identify, solve, and prevent emergency malfunctions, and how to assess the scope and long-term impact of emergency solutions and position them to ensure future problem avoidance. The major activities of this Process include tracking a reported problem to its source; designing, implementing and testing an immediate (and preferably permanent) solution; analyzing the extended impact of the fix on the system, on other related systems, and on ongoing systems development; and taking measures to prevent the same or similar problems from occurring in the future.

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