Project Management
Step                                              0300                                               - Conduct Unit and Integration Tests0300 Conduct Unit and Integration Tests Step                                              0500                                               - Test System0500 Test System

Step 0400 - Prepare for Transition

Task 010 - Confirm Target Release Date
Task 020 - Create Transition Plan
Task 030 - Plan Data Conversion Steps
Task 040 - Create Recovery Plan
Task 050 - Update Production Change Request Form
Task 060 - Review Change Record
Task 070 - Amend System Documentation
Task 080 - Develop Transition and Recovery Procedures
Task 090 - Secure Live Test Access
Templates for this Process
Templates for this Stage


The purpose of this step is to conduct the activities to prepare for the conversion of the application into production status, which runs in parallel with system testing and acceptance testing.The task requires that you do the following:- Complete all planning for the transition of the changes under...

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