Project Management
Step                                              0400                                               - Prepare for Transition0400 Prepare for Transition Step                                              0600                                               - Prepare for Acceptance Testing0600 Prepare for Acceptance Testing

Step 0500 - Test System

Task 010 - Devise System Test Cases
Task 020 - Create Live Test Plan
Task 030 - Define Scope of System Tests
Task 040 - Define System Test Cycles
Task 050 - Promote Components for System Testing
Task 060 - Construct System Test Database and Files
Task 070 - Conduct System Tests
Templates for this Process
Templates for this Stage


The system tests prepared and conducted in this step should verify that, as a whole, the system functions as specified. The tests should verify the correct functioning of all aspects of the system as specified in the Business Request, including interfaces, usability, system security, performance, r...

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