Project Management
Stage PPME                                               - Portfolio Establishment - PPMEPPME Portfolio Establishment - PPME Stage PPMG                                               - Governance and Oversight - PPMGPPMG Governance and Oversight - PPMG

Stage PPMS - Project Selection - PPMS

Step 0100 - Create Opportunity
Step 0200 - Evaluate Opportunity
Step 0300 - Initial Prioritization
Step 0400 - Develop Business Case
Step 0500 - Final Prioritization
Step 0600 - Project Initiation
Templates for this Process
Templates for this Stage


Once the portfolio framework has been set up, the portfolio can now be populated with an initial set of project opportunities.. However, this population of the portfolio cannot happen all at once. There may be a plethora of opportunities that a portfolio would like to consider. They may all be great...

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