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4 Ways to Work Effectively with Stakeholders

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Lenka is a management consultant with an agile mindset and 15+ years of managing domestic and international cross-functional teams.

Every project has a varying number of stakeholders—sometimes too many. Trying to meet all of their requirements is often an impossible mission. Nevertheless, the project manager must be able to deal with all stakeholder situations smoothly, because the evaluation of the project’s success often lies in the hands of the stakeholders—and the people they represent.

This article dives deep into various situations that may occur when dealing with stakeholders and offers several tactics on how to approach them.

Working together to make a project successful
Organizations initiate projects to implement changes that go beyond existing teams or departments. As such, the project touches a number of areas and processes with different business owners, creating a diverse group of people who are interested in making the project work. We call these people stakeholders.

But what defines project success? For each stakeholder, it may mean something completely different. For example, some stakeholders want significant process improvements, but others expect the functioning of their teams to remain unaffected, or that information systems remain untouched. And that is why project stakeholder management is such a demanding discipline.

Is it at all possible to meet the diverse and sometimes conflicting expectations of all stakeholders? Maybe not. Let's ask the …

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