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Creating a Culture of Transparent Accountability for Citizen Development Success


This article gives an overview of what accountability means and its importance in fostering citizen development.

Creating a culture of accountability is increasingly recognized as important in business today. Accountability lies at the heart of performance. Determining who is accountable for what—and holding individuals and teams accountable—is becoming a key management skill for effective strategic implementation.

Driving accountability into the operating model is critical to scale citizen development. In order to be effective, the approach involves top-down commitment, starting with the C-suite. In this article, we will outline the importance of holding stakeholders in the operating model accountable, and its impact on performance.

Top-down direction setting and commitment are required to help align and manage multiple stakeholders across the organization. Often, competing influences or a lack of transparency can mean that stakeholders do not deliver on their element of the project, so effectively managing accountability is a way of mitigating this.

Transparent Accountability in Practice
What do we mean by accountability and why is it important?

Accountability involves taking ownership for outcomes and decisions that lead to a certain outcome. To be accountable, you need to have the authority to make decisions that lead to certain …

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