Project Profile: How Chevron Sustained Production in California

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Topics: Energy and Utilities, Risk Management, Stakeholder Management

Global energy companies face major challenges in the 21st century. Obtaining, refining and delivering their products requires constant investment and top-flight professional talent. In addition, energy prices continue to be challenging to predict. In 2008, oil prices exceeded $140 per barrel, while prices declined to less than $50 per barrel in 2015.

Apart from economic matters, energy firms are aware that the world is watching their actions concerning environmental impact. In this context, Chevron’s El Segundo Coke Drum project—winner of PMI’s Project of the Year Award in 2015—is well worth studying. The project was successful, delivered under budget and with an excellent safety record.

At A Glance: Project Facts
To set context, here are a few key facts about the El Segundo Coke Drum project.

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