Rules-Based Project Management in Matrix Organizations: A Concept for Optimizing Organizational Performance in Multi-Project, Shared-Resource Environments

Wayne D. Reddick, PMP

Topics: Portfolio Management

Organizations with projects that compete for limited resources may be able to optimize performance of project portfolios and achieve better business results via a rules-based task management system. Learn how to “right track” projects with prioritization rules and visible metrics. Read the article as a PDF here.

About the Author
Wayne Reddick, BA, JD, MBA, PMP, has worked as a project and program manager at Fairchild Semiconductor (2000-2006), Dell, Inc. (2006-2014), and General Motors IT (2014–present).

Mr. Reddick has successfully managed a variety of complex IT and semiconductor development projects and programs. He also has experience in law, manufacturing management, education, and international development.

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