Ranking and Prioritization of Change Requests

Uma is a certified project management practitioner with over 22 years of project and program management experience in the engineering and IT domains.

Topics: Change Management

In the real business world, there are several techniques used by organizations to process change requests that impact a stable environment. This article will share a perspective on utilizing the weighted average technique to rank and prioritize a change request. This has been successfully implemented at one of the largest healthcare industries in the United States during my stint as a process transformation consultant at this organization in 2017. The process has been live for more than six months, with excellent results delighting a wide group of 250 users of the resultant process transformation across the globe.

The need for prioritizing change requests
It’s common knowledge that change requests originate within the business world seeking a change to a design, features, strategy or approach to a live environment/instance or a stable system. When a need for a change originates from the business, there are a few questions that need an answer before a change is processed further to enable a decision support system (meaning, can the change be approved, rejected, or put on hold until further consensus is reached?).

Fundamental questions that a change management process helps find an answer to
While the business decisions around processing a change can result in a few directions, the fundamental questions on how a mature change management process finds answers to key…

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