The Importance of Acting Like a Winner

Over the past 10 years, Chris Cook has spent his career in the construction industry. He has a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Technology Management with an emphasis in Building Construction Management and Master's of Science in Project Management. He is an accredited PMP. Follow more of Chris's insights at his blog EntrePMeur.

Topics: Career Development, Leadership

Let me take you back to high school. Before a varsity basketball game, both teams sat opposite each other during the junior varsity games. Usually, the home team was in position first, then the visiting team came strolling through the doors. Do you remember the feelings you would get when that team came through the gym doors?

You know why those feelings were different? Because winners act like winners. They dress for success. They are confident with heads held high. They have swagger. The losing teams looked like they had lost before the game even began.

Now, let's relate this on an organizational level. Dress codes exist for this very reason. Tuck your shirt in, stand up straight, and confidence …

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