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For years, the project economy has required project professionals to be on the forefront of advancements in how work is done. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the urgency for individuals and organizations to adapt to new ways of working.  

In order to effectively respond to crisis, the leaders of today are forced to leverage their full toolkit to address complex challenges. These tools include technical fundamentals such as change and risk management, but also adaptability, communication, and emotional intelligence. 

As we move into the new normal, the leaders of tomorrow will be those with the capacity and openness for agility and tolerance for uncertainty. This event seeks to prepare attendees for the technology, work and challenges of the project economy post-COVID.  

The 3rd annual PMI Talent & Technology Virtual Symposium will equip participants with the skills to address current challenges and the roadmap to guide them through the constant change of the future. Our lineup of speakers will examine the ways in which project professionals have responded to crisis and share lessons to evolve beyond it. 

Can't make the event on 10 June? The Virtual Symposium will remain on-demand until 08 September 2020. 


Kris Boesch

Social Super Glue: How to Create a Culture that Strengthens Your Team during Crisis

Leading through a crisis can be brutal.  Your team is dealing with uncertainty, stress and duress. In this insightful and energized presentation, Kris Boesch weaves valuable content, enlightening stories and tangible tools to create “social super glue” that is foundational to holding a team together in crisis. This is cultural savviness at a whole new level. Participants will learn how to create voluntary collaboration, camaraderie and connection amongst their teams. This "glue" results in perseverance through tough times, inspiration to go the extra mile and the fortitude to sustain a positive and successful work environment.



Rob Llewellyn

The Next Disruption

Most organizations are aware of the need to transform in order to remain both relevant and competitive in the new digital economy. But awareness and action are different, and sometimes it takes a crisis such as Covid-19 to trigger action.

The reality for many organizations is that their next crisis - caused by the emergence of new business models - could be far more significant and less forgiving if an adequate transformation of their business has not already been achieved.

Rob Llewellyn will elaborate on why no CEO can afford to undermine the legitimate transformation of their business, along with some of the steps they can take to create the new future their organizations need.



Fabiola Maisonnier

Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

Leadership in Times of Uncertainty will expose past, present and future world disasters and transformations that trigger the necessity of capable people (leaders) to manage change and ambiguity during and after crisis. Not everyone is born a leader, but anyone can become one. The presentation will challenge the audience to question themselves, “What do I need to do to become a leader?”. “What capabilities and skills do I need to be a leader?”. Moreover, the speech will explore methods on Emotional intelligence and tools around a collective intelligent framework, that will help become a world class leader, will help keep the momentum up to survive the repetitive cycles of transformation and crisis; and will react to preserve the calmness of people in difficult times. 



Bob Safian, Charles Best & Jennifer Pahlka

Rapid Response in a Pandemic: Projects to the Rescue

In this special live dialogue, two extraordinary leaders will share how they sprung into action when Covid-19 swept into the United States, pivoting to projects to help meet unexpected needs. 

+Charles Best, CEO of Donors Choose, a technology platform that's funded more than 1 million projects for public school teachers, now helping under-resourced students in lockdown via its Keep Kids Learning project

+ Jennifer Pahlka, former US Deputy CTO in the White House, co-founder of United States Digital Response, providing volunteer tech-and-talent support to state and local governments grappling with Covid-19

+ Moderator: Bob Safian, host of podcast Masters of Scale: Rapid Response.


Michael Ciannilli

Columbia: Legacy and Lessons Learned

Columbia:  Legacy and Lessons Learned takes you back in time on a journey to 2003 as Columbia returns from its ill-fated 28th mission into space.  Experience the emotional and physical recovery from the STS-107 accident and engage in an extensive conversation on an array of powerful lessons on Project Leadership and Team Building that Columbia teaches us today.

This experience is brought to you by NASA’s new Apollo Challenger Columbia Lessons Learned Program (ACCLLP).  ACCLLP is the Agency’s innovative effort to reimagine, reintroduce and effectively share the lessons learned from its history with an eye towards ensuring our future mission success. 


Michael DePrisco

Powering the Project Economy and the Future of Work

In an increasingly complex and fast-moving global economy, the nature of work itself is changing. We see technologies like artificial intelligence and major global challenges, like the current Covid-19 pandemic, reshaping how projects are delivered around the world. Individuals, organizations, academia and governments are all striving to achieve relevance and bring complex strategies to life.

This year's virtual event will welcome the Project Management Institute’s Michael DePrisco, Vice President, Global Experience & Solutions to share his insights on the world's shift toward projectization and new ways of working. Michael will share his perspective on the global trends impacting how work gets done - and the role that the PMI community is playing to prepare both individuals and their organizations to become future-proof in a time of continuous change.


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