Project Management

What tools and templates can help me with my project?

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Construction Change Order


Change is the one thing in life we can always count on, particularly when it comes to construction projects. Use this form to capture the details.

Construction Project Change Control Form


Change is necessary and often good. However, changes to construction projects can have a ripple effect down the line, particularly on the bottom line. Take control of project changes. Use this form.

Sample Construction Project Charter

PREMIUM deliverable
by Massimo Longo

This sample project charter was developed for the construction of an office complex and parking lot; use it as reference in developing your own project charter. It contains sections for project scope, description/deliverables, objectives, stakeholders, milestone schedule, risks as well as business and organizational information.

Subcontract Conditioning Questionnaire


Make sure your bidders fully understand what's expected of them at the construction site. Make sure they fill out this detailed questionnaire so there are no surprises.

Baseplate Check Record


During the course of a construction job, you might be dealing with hundreds of baseplates. Keep track of them with this form.

Fill Compaction Record


Compacting fill is one of the most important jobs on a construction site. Keep track of it with this form.

Status of Materials Form


Hey, where's our stuff? Look at the this form, and you'll see what you've ordered and whether or not it has come in. It works well for all construction materials and even those pizzas you'll order for lunch!



"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

- Douglas Adams