Project HEADWAY: Reframing Success


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Ask what project success looks like, and the most common answer is “on time, on budget and to specification.” The role of projects in organizations has evolved considerably, but our perception of project success has barely moved.

Projects are complex activities that shape the strategic direction of the organizations. They are far less linear, defined or certain than they appear on paper. That means how we think about them, and how we evaluate their success, needs to change.

The concept of project success is multi-faceted. There are many possible answers, and many possible perspectives. There are also different owners with different responsibilities, each of whom can influence whether success is realized and shape you success is perceived.

In this webinar, Mark Mullaly tackles the concept of success head-on. He explores why our current perceptions of success came from, and why they are so narrowly defined, and yet so persistent . He opens up and explores other possible interpretations of project success, and the implications of attempting to apply and use them. Finally, and most importantly, he provides practical guidance on redefining and reframing how success can be assessed and evaluated on our projects.

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