Lessons Learned Analysis: Employee Performance Management & Individual Development Planning


Format: Questionnaire / Evaluation Form

This template is designed to assist the project manager during project "post mortem" activities to analyze two common corporate employee development processes as to their effect, whether positive or negative, on the project.

The focus is on formal employee performance evaluations and individual development planning. The template is to be used as the basis for surveys and discussions to develop conclusions and make recommendations.


Example Issue

“Many employee performance evaluations were conducted beyond the desired deadline.”

Example Conclusion

“Supervisors were not given sufficient time to prepare for employee performance evaluations, due to project deadline pressure. This gave employees the impression that their development was not well supported by the organization. “

Example Recommendations

“Consider corporate performance evaluation dates when scheduling major project deadlines.”

“Involve supervisors in detailed planning to best incorporate their need to meet corporate human resource development goals.”

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