Project Management

Leader’s Guide to Help Employees Understand the Company Vision


Format: Checklist

One, if not the single most important determinant of individual performance is a person’s relationship with his or her immediate manager or project team leader. It just doesn’t matter much if you work for one of the “100 Best Companies,” the world’s most respected brand, or the ultimate employee-focused organization. Without a robust relationship with a manager who sets clear expectations, knows you, trusts you, and invests in you, you’re less likely to stay and perform. 

After all, leadership is about people. In all the day-to-day rush and activity we can loose sight of the people and we soon begin to treat people like machines, as replaceable parts, as a means to an end. Nothing of significance happens if we lose the people in all our striving for results. People matter. It’s the role of leaders to create meaning and engagement, to put heart back into work. True leaders place people at the very heart of their work, their vision and their success.

Part of getting your people emotionally committed to a project is to share your vision with them. When everyone sees the bigger picture and the larger goals, they will be more motivated to work toward that. The shared vision of an entire project team goes a long way toward success.

This document will guide you through five steps to effectively communicating your vision to the people that you lead. First step is defining that vision clearly and compellingly. Second step is ensure the compelling nature of your vision. This is very important, and we have some great tips for you. The third step is introducing strategies, followed by Step Four, which brings us to tactics. Finally, Step Five is about solidifying your message.

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