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CIO Assessment Template


Format: Evaluation Assessment

The role of CIO is crucial to your organization's overall project success, so evaluating and improving CIO performance is important. This template comprises 37 different items spread across six subject areas as follows:
  • Executive Talent
  • Attitude
  • Business Skills
  • IT Acumen
  • IT Governance
  • Organizational
For each item listed, select the statement that best describes your view or situation as a CIO. While the statements might not be exact, pick the one that is the closest and post the related score to the left. When you have finished, total the scores and compare it to the following rankings:
  • Greater than 170 (with no 1s or 2s) = You should already be highly successful
  • Between 135 - 169 (with no 1s or 2s) = You are most likely moderately successful
  • Between 100 - 134 (with no 1s) = You appear to be about average
  • Between 51 – 99 = Your long term success is probably in doubt
  • Less Than 50 = Looks like you are holding on by a thread
This assessment can help you to identify areas in which you are strong and those for which you need improvement. Any score less than a 3 indicates a strong weakness in an area that if not improved upon could greatly hamper your growth and advancement.
By systematically improving on all scores less than 5 you can work your way up to a World-Class CIO. 

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