Stakeholder Relational Values


Format: Evaluation Assessment

The sheet denominates the relations between persons concerning different categories. Vertically we align the external stakeholders, customers, end-users and management. These people are our “opponents”. Horizontally we define the other side: the project team, IT department and others who will have to contribute to the success of your project. At that point, we have a matrix of “them against us”, in which individual relationships must be quantified. For each relationship, the categories are stated below. The first four categories make a statement about the persons themselves in relation to the project. The fifth category is about the inter-human relationship:

1. Buyer influence, economical
Person has an economical view on your project, watches the Return on Investment.
Ranking: 3=high, 0=none
2. Buyer influence, technical
Person is more technical involved. Watches price vs. quality.
Ranking: 3=high, 0=none
3. End-User
Does solution work satisfactorily? Operational aspects.
Ranking: 2=lots of influence, 0=no influence at all
4. Sponsor/coach
How is the attitude toward your project?
Ranking: 2=convinced advocate, 0=neutral, -1= opponent
5. Contact
3=intimate, can call or walk-in any moment on anything
2=businesslike relationship, not very intimate
1=know him/her
0=don't know him/her
-1=contact will result in dispute

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