Simplified Electronic Value Stream Map


Format: Log / Specifications/Procedures

This deliverable makes facilitating a lean module much more effective. Once all the steps are entered, it reduces inefficiencies by providing instantaneous updates to successive entries. This tool can handle up to a 20-step process (with up to 14 sub-steps/tasks for each step).

Instructions for completion:

  1.  Practitioner opens the attached Electronic_Value_Stream_Map. Excel file.
  2.  Under the "start" tab, the practitioner identifies the correct number of process steps and selects the appropriate link.
  3.  The appropriate Value Stream Map Template (with correct number of step cards already identified) will appear.
  4.  Practitioner inputs the process name, then for each step, s/he inputs step titles, who is performing the step, the department/team, the step time, wait time, and first time quality percentage.
  5.  To the left of the worksheet, the toll will automatically calculate the Process metrics (Total Step Time, Total Wait Time, Total Process Time and First Time Quality) for the entire process.
  6.  As the practitioner makes adjustments to steps, the calculations occur instantaneously.

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