Standard Expenses Form

By Northern Italy Chapter

Format: Report / Log

This template is aimed at employees of small /medium companies (no more than 200 people). It solves the process of putting together all receipts and expenses after business travel. It allows you to select a project, your generalities and a month/year period. It supports you with some lists and does all the calculations for you.

This form has two tabs:

  1. Expense_Summary (dedicated to all expenses using company money)
  2. Anticipated_Expenses_Summary (dedicated to all expenses using your own money)

All selections (project excluded) will be duplicated in the second tab. If you press “project” you will have a new tab showing:

  • Projects
  • List of possible currencies
  • Command button to select if you want to duplicate selection only where cursor is placed (single line), or in all the rows below current selection

Before you start using the file, you should open it and go to:

  1. project list: to input all projects of your company
  2. employees: to input all employees of your company

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