High-Level Project Road Map (Small Project)


Practice Areas: Communications Management, Stakeholder Management

In large organizations, there are always a large number of stakeholders involved in any project. When the project size is small, you need to create a road map that is very simple, easy to follow and can be used by all stakeholders to get approvals, plan their work and reach the excepted milestones. This Excel road map provides a simple one-page view of the entire schedule for a small project.

In a software development organization, this can be used by project (business) sponsor, PMO, application development, infrastructure testing teams and possibly the customer to get a quick glance at the project timelines and project phases. It helps these various teams plan their work and resource needs based on the various project phases and timelines outlined. It can be used right from project initiation through project closure to keep track of the timelines and also to plan the dependencies.

The image can even be used as a screen saver or printed and posted on walls for a quick and easy reminder to managers.

Data Inputs:

  1. Plug in the actual dates in the first horizontal row.
  2. Plug in any additional high-level phases you may have for your project in the first vertical column.

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