Project Management

Generic Billing System Proposal

Format: Plan / Proposal

The Generic Billing Solution Proposal is designed to help you answer the hard questions an RFP will throw at you. At the same time, it will provide you with your first draft work plan, should you win the bid. This proposal framework outlines the plan for the phased development and delivery of a distributed application generic billing system. It details the company background, project objectives, scope, deliverables, methods and tools to be used, roles and staffing requirements, progress control and monitoring procedures, change and configuration management procedures, integration procedures, risk management procedures, credentials and references.

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Distributed Application Development Process


The Distributed Application Process will help you harness the power of an object oriented (OO) design approach, OO implementation tools and distributed computing technologies to build business systems based on user-friendly interfaces, tiered architectures, shared data, reusable components and incremental upgrades to functionality. Distributed computing systems are easily scalable to accommodate business growth and enable users to be productive quickly with each release.

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