Business Analysis Template Suite


Format: Report / Sign-off Form / Evaluation Assessment / Evaluation Form

There are many ways to identify issues/opportunities and determine business needs. There are many approaches to document determinants, solution options and decisions made. The business plan encapsulates business needs, and it is the document that gets a project off the ground. Business analysis tasks will continue throughout the project duration, and beyond the conclusion of a project.

Documentation helps with negotiation, assessing achievements, resolving disputes and evaluating project worth. Some businesses require detailed records, some require minimal information, while others may justify relying only on emails for evidence of accomplishments. This set of simple forms helps with recording business needs assessment through to business requirements analysis. They are helpful as templates to guide (minimal) documentation design for clients. The templates are self-explanatory with brief notes in grey:

  1. Needs Assessment Form
  2. Business Analysis Plan Form
  3. Analysis of Requirements Form 1 (requirements)
  4. Analysis of Requirements Form 2 (solution)

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