Incident Activity Log


Format: Log

There are many ways to record what has happened in a day. This Excel workbook records activities/events/incidences as they occur throughout a workday. At the end of the day, the diary is updated to an Incidence Log for review at the end of a period (e.g., quarterly).

Each user in a team may update their own case workbook, as distinguished by the case prefix. Incident logs from users may be collated for review /analysis at the end of a reporting period. This tool caters to creating incident records first instead of creating a case record prior to creating subsequent incident records. The tool is designed as intended, to capture information and NOT to track the outcomes or accomplishment of a case /incident /activity. (This process differs from that of the Requirements Status Log template.) See instructions on the "Parameter" tab. Scroll to the right (and then down) under columns R (About this tool), S (How to use) and T (Data fields).

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