Project Management

Mega-Crisis & Disaster (MCD) Planning Worksheet


Format: Checklist / Evaluation Assessment / Log

Use this template in conjunction with the article Will You Be Ready When the Next Disaster Strikes?

When a mega-crises/disaster (MCD) hits, we need to rapidly assess and respond to in a way that ensures the organization can weather and survive. Where do you start? How do you approach something so enormous in scope and scale? This Excel template provides two matrices to help. The Capabilities Matrix might be a good place to begin the process of aligning disrupted/lost capabilities with MCDs. This matrix will provide you with a basic understanding of which LCRPs (loss of capability response plans) could be in play for any given MCD. The next step is to tailor each LCRP to the specifics of the MCD in terms, paving the way to a series of MCD plans. Another analysis that might prove helpful is to map the list of questions directly to each MCD, which is provided on the MCD View matrix.

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