Project Management

Risk Management Toolkit Deluxe

By James Ward

Format: Log

This robust coded risk workbook allows project managers, team members, sponsors and stakeholders to easily track and monitor project risk activities. All project information is entered into the Data tab. The Risk Matrix, Risk Summary, and Risk Category Spider are all protected sheets with graphics automatically created from information entered into the Risks tab. All tabs are protected, but can be unprotected to allow your own modifications. You can add your own logos to designated areas without unprotecting the sheet. This template has sample data in both the Risks and Closed Risks tabs. It is there to provide a risk example and the usage. It is recommended that you make a copy for yourself before adding your data. Please do not distribute or share beyond your own use.

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"If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things."

- Rene Descartes



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