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Can this forum be used for asking a Job recommendation?
I am new to this network. I was wondering whether this forum can be used for asking any job recommendation. As I am looking for job change because of near completion of my current project.
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It might be not the best to look for a job, but it is one of the best to be in touch with professionals from your industry, and I am sure they can help you with their advice and experience.

Kuwait, Last year I managed the telecom/security other stuff infrastructure for the temporary facilities of Lower Fars Heavy Oil Development Project. I was in Abdali area near the Iraqi borders.

Kuwait is booming now mate, I can count now at least 50 b dollars of energy projects. are you in FEED or EPC area? I assume you are in FEED
Ravi , I agree with our Guru that this is not the perfect site you expect to get hired, but if you meant recommendation in the space for recommendation so that can be requested but I don't know where it will fly.
Ravi, I agree with both Kevin and Riyadh. While linked-in functionality provides the ability to ask for a recommendation, is more suited to engagement with experts and like minded professionals who are happy to share their expertise, experience, wisdom and advice.
Hello Ravi:
I think, this network is not a platform to be used for asking jov recommendations.

However, you can prepare your profile and serach job from following PMI referred link.
This is not the forum for that, though we have had discussions to assist professionals in career paths and choices. As mentioned, this community is best for sharing expertise and experiences in the profession

For finding work, that is best left with the specialized sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, Dice, etc., or by networking and searching on LinkedIn.
Agreed with my colluges!!! This site is a professional site for earning experience, knowledge, improving skills, fulfill the gaps of management....etc.

You are welcome for helping you as sharing the experience of PM!!!!
Ravi, there is a website for PMI called Job Board, check it out.
One of advantages of professional network in getting in touch with fellow professionals, in a way you might contect in personal to any to ask for that, if that can sound perfect
You know, there is one aspect that this site could leverage.

We represent a variety of organisations which will have hiring requirements at most times. Each of us has visibility of such vacancies and are in a position to let others here know of these vacancies.

Job boards and LinkedIn are a channel, yes, but a lot of opportunities can be filtered out.

Maybe the site admins could consider having a space where members can post job referrals for the consumption of the visitors to this site. Maybe something simple like the job description and the URL.

This would provide a tangible step for us to build on our relationships here.
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