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What is the difference between a project manager and a master scrum?

There may be the scrum master load at the same time as the project manager, they are different functions or they do the same activity in a project. If there is one, there is no other role in a project. Is it possible in hybrid projects?
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Scrum Master Role is different than that of a Project Manager in my humble opinion. A Scrum Master is the servant leader for the team and he ensures scrum is applies properly but the PM's role involves much more than that.

Project Manager:

Defining project scope to the team
Planning project target
Preparing the work schedule for the team members
Gathering requirements
Defining the resource requirements for the project
Preparing the budget for a project
Assuring quality
Mitigating the risks
Monitoring the plans
Getting user feedback
Managing relationships with the client and the stakeholders
Ending the project

the list is long .... etc

Scrum Master:

Serves the team where needed
Removes blockers or impediments that hinder project progress
Coaches the product owner
Monitoring the progress of the sprint
Helps team estimate and increase velocity
Promotes continuous communication
Facilitates sprint planning and other scrum meetings
Monitors and helps improve team dynamics
Lends support to whatever part of the project needs assistance at a certain time
Motivates the team
Acts as the glue that holds the team together
2 replies by Anish Abraham and Tamer Zeyad Sadiq
Jul 05, 2018 3:34 AM
Tamer Zeyad Sadiq
Good comparative Kiron!!!
Jul 05, 2018 1:37 PM
Anish Abraham
Good one, Kevin and thanks for sharing.

Well for starters one is a project manager and the other is not. If a Scrum role is to be a project manager (and that is infrequent) it is more likely to be the Product Owner than the Scrum Master.

Jose -

A PM and Scrum Master can and do co-exist on projects. While an SM's focus is within, the PM's focus is without. On very small or low complexity projects, one person can play both roles, but as you scale complexity or size of an agile team, the two roles cannot be effectively played by one individual.


they are quite different. Scrum Master is a facilitator for the Scrum Team. Kevin Drake´s definitions are good enough to understand differences

Scrum does not have project manager role defined. So, if you follow Scrum you need to adhere to the roles Scrum stated. Because Scrum is a framework you can select the tools and techniques to fill out the framework but roles have to be following. Scrum Master is not a Project Manager. For example, Scrum Master must known about Scrum while a Project Manager not. Scrum Master is a subject matter expert on Scrum, is a specialized role. Agile based methods do not end in Scrum. You have DSDM where you can find the Project Manager role explicit defined into it. But regarding to your question let me say my actual work place situatiuon. We have 5 different project life cycles defined to do things plus we use Scrum and DSDM. The same person is assigned to more than one initiative at the same time and the initiatives is running on different types of life cycles and methods. So, the same person is Project Manager into an initiative and Scrum Master in the other.

The roles themselves have a different set of responsibilities. A simple search will show that. That said, and as pointed out, a single individual can play both roles, dependent on the skills of the individual of course. It's a significantly different mindset in the role of SM opposed to PM and not alway's easy to successfully play both. For hybrid projects, again, depends on the individual and if they are able to adaptable enough. It may be easier for a PM to lead a hybrid project as usually those occur in an organization that is slowly and organically changing from within.

what is the difference between agile coach and scrum master?
2 replies by Rami Kaibni and Sante Vergini
Jul 04, 2018 3:15 PM
Rami Kaibni
They do the same thing and it is in principal the same role but Scrum Master is in a way more related to scrum but that's all.

Team Leader, Coach or Scrum Master have the same responsibilities.
Jul 04, 2018 7:51 PM
Sante Vergini
The Scrum Master is usually focused on the team predominantly (inwards), and the Agile Coach works with teams and the entire organization. So the latter is a lot more involved with stakeholders external to the team. However the Scrum Master can also play this role in smaller environments.

Jul 04, 2018 3:12 PM
Replying to Kushal Shah
what is the difference between agile coach and scrum master?
They do the same thing and it is in principal the same role but Scrum Master is in a way more related to scrum but that's all.

Team Leader, Coach or Scrum Master have the same responsibilities.
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