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C-Level Executive engagement

A recent webinar covering multiple emerging technology and their current and projected implications. A number of these emerging technologies will break traditional business models. Some of the breakage has already begun. Does this make it necessary for C-Level executives to obtain a basic understanding of these technologies and how they are or may enable the greatest era of disruption in history and likely to impact their organization?
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Probably and the CIO or CTO should be the ones bringing it up, or inviting SME's in for a briefing.

Kev -

I'd agree with Sante - basic understanding of what these are would be helpful, but to help the leadership team understand how these technologies can be used for competitive advantage and sponsoring their introduction would normally come through the technology division.



C-Level need a basic understanding of emerging technology to integrate them into the strategic plan.

Hasn't this always been the case? Our history is littered with examples of emerging technologies disrupting the way of life.

Whether we talk about industrial automation, the emergence of the knowledge economy, the gains in the communications space, or even going from the handheld spear to a ranged weapon.

Executives have to be cognisant of these technologies, yes -- but investing in them wholly needs a little bit of analysis and a lot of risk-taking because, here, our history is also littered with examples of emerging technologies that have failed or - indeed - that have been well ahead of their time.

A C-level executive would need to be aware of the emerging technologies and more importantly will need to be aware of those in the organization who have a good understanding of these technologies. The conundrum is that most C-level executives and their companies are invested in the status quo and may be threatened by the emerging technologies.

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