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Should managers give more work to smart workers?

As project manager, lets consider that your team has one or two members who often complete their work quite earlier than timeline due to excellent analytical skills, problem solving skills or skills to prove small work as big work. Will you give more work to such team members or to let them enjoy (or learn personal stuff) during rest of the assigned hours?
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I would do the opposite and give more work/training/focus to the lower performing members to bring the aggregate team performance up.

I'd give the good performers the option of doing work they prefer as a reward. Hopefully that would encourage the other team members to improve their performance.

As far as I know due to my personal experience if a head count is not busy 75% of available work time and this situation persists along three month then the head count has to be fired (or something like that, I do not know the right word to use). The rest of 25% time has to be used to activities related to personal improvement.

Each context is different.

Giving more work to performing member, may have a disengaging effect. Leaving you with a non performing team.

I give higher 'value' work to smart workers and lower value work to the others.

It is not only about the quantum of the effort taken to complete the task - it is also about the risk of lower quality on such tasks.

An interesting question, you want to keep the high performers engaged but want to be fair. In some cases you may ask them to take a leadership role and help the lower performers to improve their productivity. They should be rewarded for this but care should be taken so they see this as a recognition of their ability. In some cases they may not wish to be coaching and Eric's suggestion may be more fitting.

Everyone has a different approach but a kind of I agree with all. Usually, I keep smart one closer to me and depends on them more with higher value and will try to promote them if possible or reward them.

I have formed the project team. To me all are good would balance the work load. Try to encourage who are fall behind due to any reason.

It dependw on ur schedule. If you have to crash then you have to assign your best calibers to the activities but at the end of the day, do not overload them because they will end up counter productive.

Amir -

Why not pair up some junior or lower performing workers with the high performers - this will provide an opportunity to increase overall team capability, might help the high performers develop mentoring or coaching skills they didn't possess and will reduce the risk of single points of failure?

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