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Updating Project Document "Change Log" ?

I conceive that "Change Log" Project Document should be updated through "Perform Integrated Change Control" Process. But, what I don't conceive is when it's possible (according to PMBoK guide,6) to update that document through "Manage Stakeholder Engagement" Process. In which case is it possible ?
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Both processes, as with many other processes, have "Project documents updates" as their output, so that includes the change log and many other documents.

I agree with Sante. Actually all change requests are processed through PICC and their status (approved or rejected) are documented in the Change Log as a document update. The status of the requested changes are communicated to the appropriate stakeholders to manage proper stakeholder engagement (through manage stakeholder engagement process) where it is being updated with new change requests for further approval through PICC (if needed).

Inside the PMBOK you have a "macro" vision which is the chapter 4 where the integration between process is explained and a "micro" vision from chapter 5 where each process that integrates the "macro" vision is explained in detail. That´s the reason you will find things you stated above.

Kamal -

Whenever a Change Request is issued, it's likely that the Change Log is updated to reflect that it has been issued. Once it is processed (accepted or rejected) the Change Log would be updated again.


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