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EVM question

Thoughts please - we (government entity / client) want to measure performance on a fixed price contract project, The contractor has not added budget by task, resource rates or actual costs. I do have

gross contract price
budgeted hours by task (therefore budgeted hours for the project)
schedules start and stop
progress added weekly

Is an extrapolated cost per hour valid for calculating EV and PV (and everything that follows)? Is Earned schedule recommended?

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Yes you can, as soon as you don't mix currency and hours and not mixing hours scheduled for Equipments and Human Resources.

The Budgeted hour can be used to perform the index such us (CPI, SPI).

An activitiy name= Excavation of an hole - Duration 2 days (16h)
Planned Resources = 1 Excavator, 2 Helpers, 1 Operator)
Total (PV) = 3x8x2=48hous (HR) and 2x8=16Hours Equipment.
This baseline per Hours must be approved upfront assuming that for all completed works the EV will be equal to PV.

AC= 1 Excavator, 1 Helpers, 1 Operator)
As per timesheets 30hours HR and 15 Equipment

EV=PV=48 hours planned.

CPI= 48/30 = 1.6 , SPI=1,07 For Human Resources.
CPI= 16/15 = 1.07, SPI =1,07 For Equipments.

As I thought - Thank You

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