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Hi,an you share with me the tool you are using?
I am running an IT PMO for a manufacturing company. We are looking for Project Portfolio Management tool to help us manage resources, prioritization, waterfall. Can you share with me the PPM software you may using with the pros and cons? This will be very helpful in me choosing the right companies to RFI.

Thank you
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Tina, we had a similar discussion about that however Primavera P6, MS project,, wrike, SAP etc
Riyadh already mentioned it , however it depends on what you need it for exactly like the size and complexity.
One important point, Primavera SAP MS Project the learning curve is remarkable. Do you have the capability to invest?
Hi Guys, we are considering using as a PPM tool, at present we are applying it to a live construction project and seems to be working well. Can anyone give me a bit of feedback on in terms of stability..
Hi Tina, If you need project prioritization and portfolio/program management (plus the standard project management waterfall, agile), try ITM Platform. I have deployed this software in various companies and it is very easy to use and can be deployed in a week or two. If you want it has a free trial and online demo.
The only thing that will help you is selecting a tool after defined your project/program/portfolio management process. Believe me, I am on charge ot it from long time ago in different places I have been working. If not you will take a nightmare instead of a tool.
Check for these - Keyedin, Planview, Wrike, Teamwork Projects, Innotas,
Easy Projects, CAse Camp, Active Collab, and Microsoft Project

Some of these exhibited products in PMXPO. They shared white papers and other resources.
Tina -

My suggestions are Primavera P6 EPPM or PPM and HP PPM. Primavera EPPM & PPM tools are centralised but EPPM is web-based too. You can integrate repositories like MS SharePoint also with HP PPM.
Hi Tina, I found this article a while back that might be useful. Also it lists many of the available ones- though not newcomers like edison365.

Be ready to have a lot of budget available, purchase and implementation costs were much higher than I anticipated, prohibitively high actually.
Our scheduling department is using Primavera P6 to create the schedule and they are satisfied with it's capabilities.

Recently we implemented a reader for XER files and it's allowing team members to view the P6 project schedule way more effectively than using a simple PDF file for this purpose.
The solution we are using is ScheduleReader, but there are similar tools to read XER files out on the market. See which one would best for your environment.

Hope this helps, cheers

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