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Requirements Management
Is anyone aware of good resources for requirments management tools? Specifically, white papers, product reviews and comparisons?
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I just became responsible for a large project and am also looking for a mechanism to track change requests. Does anyone have any information?
GIGA Information group and Gartner Group are two good resouces that are pretty objective. Experience tells us that there info is pretty much right on.

There is a fairly new book by Carl Weigers called "Software Requirements" - it's pretty good and includes a chapter on tools. Another good book is "Managing Software Requirements - A unified approach". Its by some Rational Corp dudes, so of course they mention nothing about any other tools other than Rational Req-Pro.

There is pretty good web site that has a good list of RM tools - called Note that the "president" of the incose is also the owner of the company that makes RTM (another req tool), so I discount some of there info.

The company I am at uses ReqPro and DOORS. Both pretty good tools.

Check also.
Is anyone aware of good resources for SiebelBusiness requirments white papers etc

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