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Any recommended PM and resource planning cloud based system?

Hello guys,

Do you recommend any collaborative resource planning and scheduling system?

I have used many but none of them has all the features that I want.

We are looking forward to a system that covers the below needs as an alternative to the Microsoft Project in an enhanced way:
1. Resources schedule management
2. Customized availability schedule per resource
3. Customized vacations schedule for the company
4. Distributing tasks and integrating the tasks on the calendar
5. The tasks should be related to projects
6. The tasks should have durations that are visible on the calendar
7. Master calendar that's showing the resources tasks distribution and the free times accordingly
8. Credentials for the resources to log in to view there schedule, tasks, and to request for vacations
9. Visual
10. Cloud-Based to give access to all resources from the web
11. Ability to engage the client
12. Email notifications

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Zoho Projects:
Zoho Sprints:

I think does most, if not all of that.

Ibrahim -

Do you have your standards & processes nailed down and institutionalized first which you are trying to automate? If not, it will be "garbage in, garbage out", especially for resource-related data.

Having said that, you might want to take a look at Eclipse PPM from Upland. I worked for the original developers of the product many years back and it was one of the most usable PPM solutions I have worked with, especially when compared to the Tier 1 players like CA...


Have a look as well in addition to my colleague's suggestions at Primavera, although it could be a very expensive choice.

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