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How to motivate project team ? Real time experience in monitoring and controlling the project work ?

How to Motivate project team ?
I have used various approaches - appreciation, flexibility and one to one discussion for conflict (negative).
Fortunately I had discussed this one of the senior PMP veteran( Mr Forrest K) and he provided valuable points - Understanding, Awareness, and WHY - why is very important for team motivation.

Further expert responses will be appreciated.

How to monitor and control the project during -planning and execution ?
I do follow the agile approach which provide stand-up meeting ( a short daily meeting) and various reporting tools and weekly status meeting etc.
Again individual views are always welcome .

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Motivation is a subject matter. What motivates you do not motivate me. So, stakeholder analysis is a must and in my case Maslow Theory helps me a lot along the years.

Find their needs and classify it into categories, try to understand their culture (if you have a multicultural team). I am seconding Sergio for sure with Maslow Theor.

You need to understand a little about psychology, in particular human motivation. Some popular theorists like Maslow and Herzberg give us a vierw into this world. The second part of your questions is another "it depends" on so many factors. Having a good project management plan from the start helps a lot. If your project is Agile as you say, then making sure the project is transparent, having effective feedback loops, involving stakeholders from the beginning and regularly throughout the project, and keeping the team collaborating and adhering to continuous improvement will go a long way to monitoring and controlling the project.

Motivation comes from within, not from without.

Would suggest you read "Drive" by Daniel Pink...


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