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Starting out

I work for a small software development company (we have total of 40 employees - this includes sales & marketing, tech support, accounting, etc). I recently moved into a new role (new for me and the company) here doing Quality Assurance and Agile Project Management. This is a new area for me and I've been reading a lot online trying to get a grasp on everything that it is out there and find what I need to get everything up and running.
Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas that would help me out? If you have any questions that would help you better answer me please ask.

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Hi Jackie, congratulations on moving into your new role..! Regarding suggestions or ideas to get everything up and running, have a look and read through Scott Amber's "Agile Project Planning Tips". It is a great read and summary all in one place. And, Scott has a number of other helpful Agile Project Management resources that can be found on his site at Good luck in your new assignment..!

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