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What tools and technqiues are best to be used to facilitate a gaps analysis for a project?

Gap analysis is the comparison of actual performance with the desired performance. Project managers facilitate gap analysis, when it is necessary to know where the project is and when they need to assess the differences in performance. The tools and techniques used for facilitating gap analysis will have an impact on the project as they will determine to what extent the gaps would be identified. It is important, therefore, to know what tools and techniques are best to be used to facilitate a gap analysis for a project.
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Damian, here are the tools;-

SWOT analysis
McKinsey 7S
Nadler-Tushman’s congruence Model
Burke-Litwin Causal Model
1. So pick an area specific problem
2. Define the goal / target to achieve
3. Determine the current state
4. Determine the desired state
5. Identify the gap between the tow states

To Riyadh's list, I'd add: Variance Analysis, Earned Value Analysis and Reserve Analysis.


Also, it includes trend analysis!!!

Thanks a lot for your answers

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