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Can you suggest some valuable webinar topics for women project management community?

We are working to roll out monthly webinar on topics focused for women project management community. Can you please share from your experience what should be the areas of focus? Appreciate if you could be specific.
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I think it's an important topic and very relevant to today's community and interests. There's a massive discussion on equality and I think taking a positive stance and suggestions will be of great benefit to the PM community .

Perhaps a good starting point would be an examination and discussion of both gender and cultural differences. Given that Selva and Emily have likely grown up in different cultures with possibly different views on women in general it could provide some insight into the similarities and differences in their leadership and managerial styles. Having done a little studying of the differences in business styles between cultures, I would be interested in discovering how those differences manifest themselves between genders.

Hi guys, I just published my last blog post about gender bias at workplace, blog Female Element
1 reply by Tayyaba Rehman
Dec 09, 2018 12:50 AM
Tayyaba Rehman
hi please share the link

Jun 06, 2018 7:18 AM
Replying to Selva Vijai
Thank you, Can you please elaborate when you say women require more team work ? Do you think they are not good team players ?
Deleted my previous comment

Dec 06, 2018 4:30 PM
Replying to Lenka Pincot
Hi guys, I just published my last blog post about gender bias at workplace, blog Female Element
hi please share the link
1 reply by Lenka Pincot
Dec 09, 2018 7:23 AM
Lenka Pincot
Hi Tayyaba, I meant blog on this digital forum
The link is:

Hi Selva Vijai: Excellent discussion!
I would suggesttwo possible options:
1. The unique blend of skills that women bring to the table that increase chances of project success. For example, empathy, conflict resolution, perseverance, etc.
2. The unique challenges that women project managers face on projects.

Dec 09, 2018 12:50 AM
Replying to Tayyaba Rehman
hi please share the link
Hi Tayyaba, I meant blog on this digital forum
The link is:

If I may suggest, I would start this process by forming a task force.
The scope of this task force would be to first describe and define the intended population for this initiative.

Once the intended population is defined, I would prepare and release a limited pilot survey to learn what the current level of understanding is for the various PMBOK elements/categories. And, what the level of interest might be to raise that level of understanding for specific PMBOK elements.

After analysis of this pilot survey, I would improve the survey in terms of form, content and process, and release it to the intended population.

People will be more likely to participate in programs they help shape than ones they are told will be good for them.

I am deliberately silent at this time as to the mix of attendee’s gender and other attributes for specific scheduled workshops/webinars.

I think that we, women, need to improve some skills as:
1. Self confidence
2. Negotiating
3. Politics savvy
4. Networking
5. Balanced distribution of home duties with partners

And the first think we must do, is to become aware of the reality we face every day in the workplace and projects.

First of all, while I fully understand that different cultures consider woman in diferent ways, I really hate the kind of "crack" that I perceived some communities are building between both sexs. And believe me, I worked with women all my life, including it I was CIO into a company where in my division there were 50 woman working with me. But if I have to give you a topic this is the title: remember that woman always have the "yes". You decide but you have to sssume that. I do not have a reference to a seminar but perhaps I have to think in creating one.
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