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What internal department typically approvals large capital construction projects in your company?
We have two departments a priority and planning office and a project management office, there is discussion on where project approvals should be done.

Any recommendations?
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I would think whomever is at the highest executive level would hold approval power for something like that.

it depends on the structure of the company and the ownership.

By the name of your departments, I would say Priority And Planning Office. And the Project Management Office will see about the execution.
A large capital project would need approval for the board!

But what are the roles and responsibilities of those two groups?

It depends on what the two departments are for and who (what roles) sit within them. I like Vincent's definition. Having said that, large capital construction projects in the businesses I know are high spend and have high strategic implications and are approved by the board.

Do you have any criteria built into the project submission process that would help in determining if the project should be approved? This could be an option where both areas agree that a project must meet A, B and/or C criteria to be approved. You can also have a caveat that states if the project falls into a certain category, for example regulatory, the project automatically gets approved regardless of any other type of criteria

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