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A warning about two emerging technologies

In June 2018 while speaking at his daughter's high school graduation, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts warned the students and audience to “Beware the robots.” He went on to say "Artificial intelligence can change leaders into followers.“ This is just one example of multiple warnings about emerging technologies that have come out.
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The Chief Justice made a good point that we should use real intelligence, meaning thinking rather than simply gathering info or taking information provided to us.

The term AI is very broad and (in my opinion) has been hyperbolized in the media and capitalized on by industry recognizing its power to garner attention. The AI that we live amongst today is under the heading of “Weak AI” and is largely advanced data mining / analytics and new technology interfaces.

It’s a powerful subject and one that I’m extremely interested in, but the term AI has gotten contextually loose as it has been unendingly philosophized. The new emerging technologies are still in the realm of the practical, however when consciousness and understanding are in grasp of machines then we are entering a new age where all the rules change.

This is an example of a big missunderstanding about things that are outside there from years but unfortunatelly today they becomes buzzwords, like AI. My recommendation is going to the basement.

Kev -

I think the potential for unintended consequences of advances in AI is certainly there, but I also think we've been raised on a steady diet of so many dystopian movies & books on the subject (e.g. The Terminator, The Matrix, Westworld...) that we will bake in safe guards.

Having said that, I for one will be happy to relinquish mundane activities to our robot overlords if it means that I can let my mind truly voyage free :-)


Is point is valid, just think of the way we drive? We use GPS to guide us, forgetting our sense of orientation

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