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Project Management-Start
Hi, I have done my PMP and working as PM-IT, in our organisation we still do not strictly follow Project Plan. We prepare a rough Plan with tentative timelines leave aside- RIsk management, Resource Management.
We usually take projects based on Business needs, leave aside CBA calculation.
I would like to start this in my organisation with proper SPI and CPI calculation.
I would like to do it in a proper MS Project
Kindly guide from where can I get a sample real time project management for reference or guidance how to start and manage a project.
Any references, knowledge sources appreciated.
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Project management is not to follow a method or a process. As you know, PMBOK Guide is just that, a guide. The important thing is: 1-inside the PMBOK Guide you have a set of knowledge areas/process. Those must be part of your organization strategy. All or them? Not at all. Those that best apply to your organizational strategy. BUT if they are not part of the strategy then they will not add value and they have no sense to exist or being implmented. 2-you can select any type of tool (software or not software) to support the process. You can select any type of technique (included into the PMBOK Guide of not) to run the process. So, it is up to your organizational environment to select them.
I was in the same position as you. What I ended up doing was to create a Project Management Plan template. I think I found the original template through a Google search but I also found a template on this site. I combined templates. This included all of the aspects of Project Management that I felt would apply to the way we did business and our strategies. The template has gone through several revisions since then.
I just started using the template. The challenge of course has been getting others to accept it. I was not having much luck until we started to set up a PMO. It has still been a challenge but at least I have upper management backing now.
Having a Project Management Plan will not only guide you through the project, but it also useful if your project is audited and for lessons learned and sharing of knowledge.
Hi Samir, This website has good template prepared by PMs. Search for them and you can tailor to your company project needs. Once you start using these guidelines, then you will understand the value and efficiency that brings to the table. When your project gives better success, you can share your ideas with other project managers in your organization and also to the leaders. This is a slow change, but once leaders get the real value behind this approach, they will embrace it.

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