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World Cup Project Management a Mega Project

What part of that Mega Project amaze you?
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Pre-event preparation must have been hard to plan, so many factors to be ready for today.

Just the number of languages and cultures that have to be accounted for is huge. It's a shame that one item that would need to be addressed in risk management is knowing which groups to try to keep separated due to their predisposed animosities (they don't always have to be predisposed, it sometimes appears to change almost daily). Overall a humongous project.

It's a fascinating event and project that would be great to work on.

Dealing with the ridiculous number of stakeholders, all of whom have agendas which are not guaranteed to be aligned with the project vision.

The good news is that for recurring mega-events, there are detailed playbooks with lessons learned handed off from one hosting country to the next...


Stakeholder management is a key area for this program.

I would not call it a project or mega-project as it contains many different projects that all serve the same set of expected benefits (e.g. reputation for Russia, respect for Russians, profits for FIFA, pride for the countries playing).

It is also a good example where agile concepts have a limited use. Deadlines are fixed, scope is widely fixed from the beginning and budgets - have to be flexible.

Yes, agree with Thomas. It is Stakeholder Management.

I think what we can learn from the World Cup mega project is team work and collaboration.

The freight forwarding and logistics company I worked for whom specializes in music entertainment and sporting events has covered the Olympics. I can say the logistics alone is a fascinating aspect.

Having the experience with touring PMers, these people and teams work extremely hard under enormous amounts of pressure with time. I've been apart of some load outs and have been in control of some of the logistics movements for a few well known musicians.

It was very rewarding and motivating. Due to relocation, I had no choice but to leave the company.

Michael - interesting comments

I was part of Rio Olympic mega project and it was amazing experience
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