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Portfolio Managers as Functional Managers

My friends PMIers...
Portfolio Standard IV has included activities of “ongoing Operations” and I agree strongly with it.
I believe the next version, we as Portfolio Managers, will be named Functional Managers.
What do you think about that?
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Francisco -

Why that leap of faith? A functional manager is responsible for a business function as opposed to a portfolio of project & operational investments.

I would see the Venn diagram of these two roles as having a shared portion but one isn't a super set of the other...


I agree with Kiron. There is certainly overlap, but they won't be called or known as functional managers.

I agree with Kiron partially.
My inicial statement was a provocation bring you we think together widely and specifically in terms of Computers systems in IT area.
A Portfolio Manager has to handle one group of projects, but when they are finished.
And after that?
Those systems will be located in some Functional unit and someone Functional Manager needs to maintain that computer system. During its life’s cicle it will have a lot of change requests and sometimes it needs some kind of new functionalities.
Furthermore, FM needs to handled computer systems for a long period of its life’cicle.
Portfolio Managers in general handle portfolio projects of entire companies connected with strategic Plan.
But, many companies (mainly small and mediuns) have Portfolio Managers handle of projects of one Department or Business Unit. In this case, the stragic plan connection is handled for the board of directors.
In that case, “one little leap”, we have two functions being made for one professional.
Specifically my full statement would be: There will be some cases where PM will almost one FM.

New arguments?

Warm regards...

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