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If you are moving to resign, who would you tell first?

Will you tell your team first or your boss?
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I would tell this to my team first. I feel my team should know it directly from me as I always feel closely connected to my team. I shall not take long to inform my boss also. May be just one after another. It is surely my personal preference.
1 reply by Riyadh Salih
Jun 20, 2018 1:43 PM
Riyadh Salih
Banaja, It is different here in N. America the team wont move with you like in India or you wont be able to take the team with you. Thanks for your feedback.

The information of your leaving need to be informed to your boss first. Boss might have his own views and suggestions that might invoke interest of both the parties. At times your final decision of leaving itself could be "dramatically" influenced by the result of the discussions you had with your boss, depending up on the context of your leaving.

On the other hand; if you tell your team first and the boss comes to know from others' mouth, it would put him in an embarrassing position, though it should not have any impact ( on you since you are leaving) in true sense. However, this would set a wrong precedence in the organization itself which would be undesirable.

Secondly; if you need to reconcile your decision at a later stage, it would put you in an uneasy situation in front of your team mates which can be well avoided if you keep the information away from them until the decision is finalized and alternative arrangements are made by your boss.

Ethically, it is the primary responsibility of the leaving employee to ensure that the activities of the organization are not at all jeopardized nor the morale of any stake holder is hurt.

The notice period comes in to effect to negate the hick-ups that may occur on accout of leaving of an employee.
1 reply by Riyadh Salih
Jun 20, 2018 1:45 PM
Riyadh Salih
Dileep, thanks for good analogy but once you submit your resign you should not accept buy-back. I agree manager first

Manager first, then the team.

Yes, first the management then the team

Manager first. It may take time to gather the team but tell then as soon as possible after informing the manager.

My manager first. Telling anyone else I think risks rumors getting back to the manager and might not go over well.

Riyadh -

HR matters are always best dealt with via the normal channels which would be your people manager. Given the potential impacts on the team, you'll want to work with your manager to develop a transition strategy so that you will communicate not just "I'm leaving" but also "and here's how things will be handled in the near term after I'm gone".

1 reply by Riyadh Salih
Jun 20, 2018 1:47 PM
Riyadh Salih
Thank Kiron, nice ethics to say "to develop a transition strategy " if you're not leaving because of that LOL.

My partner ;-)
1 reply by Riyadh Salih
Jun 20, 2018 1:49 PM
Riyadh Salih
Sante, LOL looks like you're still trying to figure out marriage a project or operation :-)
Like Dinah mentioned very nice about the partner would knows first all your movement

Always the manager first for a couple of reasons. First as Joshua said, you do not want rumors to get back to the manager. Second because the manager may give you a counter offer that will entice you to stay. Once your resignation letter is accepted by the manager, you tell your team. And as Kiron stated, you should have a transition plan in place before or shortly after you tell your team.

Agree with Dinah. There are lot of emotions attached with such a scenario. Your boss, your team, your customers and associated business partners or stakeholders will be affected. I think the first person who should be informed is ur life partner. Rumors should be definitely avoided and the process should be completed swiftly
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