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I am working towards obtaining my law degree with the hopes of starting a not for profit, given that similar not for profits have used project management methodologies, is the CAPM a sound investment or should I wait and pursue the PMP? I current have my MBA with a concentration in Project Management and am an Export Control Analysis.
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If you can do the PMP, then I would suggest that over the CAPM. The information on both is the same. But the CAPM has an expiration date and you will need to retake it. The PMP, you just need to gather PDU's over a 3 year period to renew it.

If you are both qualified for CAPM and PMP, I would suggest you to take the PMP it has more weight and just work on your PDU's. Good luck Derek!

Derek -

Get commensurate project management experience to complement a certification and then go for the PMP.


It depends what you will use it for. Normally a PMP will be for project managers as a profession. If you have an MBA with focus on project management, then the CAPM will certainly provide an adequate professional qualification in this field.

It depends as per your experience and your position field. But I advise you prepare PMP is more strong and cover everything than CAPM. Almost companies are looking for PMP holder!!!


PMP if you qualify

Like everyone else said if you qualify take the PMP... but if you have been in school only (not yet entered the professional world from academia) and not had any non-education based project management experience taking the CAPM is better than no certification, but work toward getting all the qualifications you'd need to take the PMP instead of retaking CAPM exam in 3 years.

Start applying what you already have learned, continue to learn more about project management, and then go for the PMP as soon as you qualify.

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