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How does DGPR Affect our Project Managment Work?

How does DGPR Affect our Project Managment Work?

Do we need to know? get involved? can it affect us if we are unclear of what is happening in that sense?
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I assume you mean "General Data Protection Regulation" (little known acronyms should be fully extended). I guess it will effect project management in the same way that any other policy does; Something we need to know about and in this case, adhere to. In the absence of a law degree, we probably just need to err on the side of caution and be extra diligent with matters of privacy and data security.

George -

In most organizations, you will have some type of compliance role which will be responsible for defining the organization's stance for all applicable regulations (e.g. SOX, GDPR, HIPAA, FATCA).

Those would then usually be distilled into specific non-functional requirements affecting the scope of a given project. How much they affect it will depend on the scope of the project itself.

For example, if a project does not involve any individual's data, I doubt GDPR would be a source of requirements...


It affects on every requisite related to customer personal data.
I had to know about it, specifically doing impact analysis on the technical solutions for the projects i was managing.
unclear requisites may incur on penalties.


My understand is since the GDPR is a regulation and has binding legal force in a country, the project manager will necessarily depend on the context of competent national legislation.

I'm in healthcare and since GDPR provides individual with certain rights to their personal data, including notice or consent ,rights of access, and in some cases, requests for deletion, it's going to effect my work. However GDPR broadly applies to data only about persons who reside in the EU.

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