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Anyone working to bring drone operations into your established company?
A growing number of established companies are realizing that drones (unmanned aerial systems or UAS) are a very powerful and profitable tool to have in their workflows. Establishing a safe, legal, and productive drone operation, however, is no simple or easy task. In fact, it is a complex project! That makes it a perfect opportunity for a PMP or ambitious project manager to apply and grow their project management skills in this endeavor. (And get lots of PDUs along the way.)

If you are in this situation, please connect with me and get acquainted. I want to be your "secret weapon" for success. To get a hint of what we will talk about, search for "Success with drones" on Amazon.

Here's to your success,
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Drones are certainly a fascinating phenomenon. Eventually they could be placed everywhere to provide surveillance over the population. George Orwell will turn in his grave.
I have so many plans to use the drone to execute many tasks for my requirements but Canada’s new rules are more restrictive than U.S. drone regulations.
Therefore, I just dropped the idea.

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