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What method(s) you use to change people mindset in order to implement Agile in your organization?

When implementing Scrum (or any Agile methodology) in the organization, there will be a lot of resistance mostly caused by the prevailing mindset. So what methods worked with you to overcome this issue?
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There is certainly a significant cost in supporting an organization through the journey of a transformation, and generally, that decision will be top-down, though can be suggested by anyone of our peers.

That said, organizations can run through a pilot [mini] transformation within a single program to test the waters prior to a full-blown shift.

At the end of the day, it comes down to focusing on value over up-front planning with continuous feedback and adaptation. An area that seems to be not given as much credence is the amount of change from the business perspective. Not only with Product Management/Ownership, but with the buy-in and ability to fulfill the needs to be more active alongside IT. A transformation is not an IT activity, its an organizational effort.

What are the 'problems' that are driving the conversations on the change? How can implementing anything Agile solve those problems? What is the value return vs investment (training, coaches, time-to-competency, initial cost of delay, toolage, architecture, hiring, etc.)

Mohammed -

A commitment by the top-most leadership team to model the expected "new" behaviors and coaching at all levels of the organization's hierarchy.

Without this, the executives might buy into the need for change, and front line staff might crave the change, but the mindset changes will be lost in mid-level management mediocrity.


Sell the benefits/value, change the mindset, start small (ie. pilot).

Just to comment, Scrum is a framework, not a method. I am saying that because you have to take Scrum and fill it up with the techniques and tools that best fit for your organization. That could help you to use Scrum. Here comes my answer. Is not about to change the mind of people. Is about to change or adapting your whole enteprise architecture. I know that people determine the success of failure of an initiative but people is a component inside the business layer of enteprise architecture (enterprise architecture is composed by business, application, technology, information and security layers). When you like to introduce "something" to do "things" inside the organization then you have to understand the whole organization as an open and adaptable system (systemic theory). A change will always being resisted as explained by Newton´s Laws (

Agree with Sergio

Agreed Sergio!!

Agreed Sergio, it's not that Agile failed or scrum failed, it's that as an organisation you failed to change.

If it is driven from top to bottom, people have to accept and adopt to that one day, if they have to survive there…… resistance is a temporary they will understand this eventually….

Coaching, Explaining, Preaching …. may not work with everyone.

First I will recommend a book for all involved team members

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S Dweck

People need to understand that you can grow your mindset.

This is an easy lecture and will help them not only professional, also personal.

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