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What support structure does a Program Manager need in order to effectively manage multiple projects?
I have 6 simultaneous projects that are estimated to take at least 10 months each to complete. I will need all 6 projects, which will share resources, to all be completed on schedule. I suspect that it is not reasonable to expect that one person can manage all these projects alone and that there is a case to be made for a Program Management Team that would ensure these projects run smoothly.
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I would say the answer is totally dependent on the size and complexity of the projects. If the total scope is less than $2MM, you might be able to manage them alone. However, this is probably not the case. Greater than $2MM, at a minimum I would think you need a Project Controller to get vendor quotes, create vendor POs, chase and settle vendor invoices, customer change management and invoicing. This will allow you to focus on bigger picture items and plan accordingly for resource management and customer interface. For a total scope of greater than $5MM, you might want to add another PM to the team, and each of you cover 3 projects. Again depending on project size, number of people and vendors involved, project complexity, and total dollars spent and invoiced.
Troy -

I'd echo Warren's commentary about complexity being a key driver of realism in this scenario.

I'd also add the policies and standards governing project delivery in your company will also determine how many concurrent projects you can successfully deliver.

Another factor to consider is the number of stakeholders you need to engage - if all six projects are for the same group of stakeholders, that's one thing, but if they are all involving different stakeholder groups that's a whole other level of pain.


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