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How do you balance reporting to both; Transformation program director and to the functional director when placed in an operational role with projectized business improvements?

Especially when:
1. paid from the PMO budget, hired as a project/program manager under PMO but posted in an operational role and
2. the way of thinking of both leaders are conflicting on every possible touch point.
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Please let me understand: what operational role is your role? I am asking because I guess in the same position short time ago so I could write about my personal experience.

Serena -

Are you already having regular checkpoints with both the directors at the same time? The danger in meeting individually with one or the other is that you will receive conflicting direction. It's easier to meet with them together and if a conflicting priority emerges, make them responsible for ironing it out for you.

I'd also suggest working with them to come up with some rules of engagement around "who is on first" for different sorts of decisions, issues and so on.


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